2019-2020 English Days

Date: 26/11/2019

To foster our students‘ English proficiency, we have organized English Days every Monday. Our school encourages students to speak and learn English in many different ways. 

In the morning, students read English books from Raz-Kids by using iPads in the playground during the reading time. Besides, English Ambassadors broadcast the weather report in English during the morning assembly.

Every month, there is a new and interesting theme for English Days. In November, the theme of the month is Winter. The week before English Days take place, students are given a list of questions to help them prepare some answers and think about what they want to talk about. 

Students are encouraged to start up a conversation with their English teachers and English Ambassadors about the theme of the month during 1st recess. Also, they can go to the covered playground and have a storytime with Miss Janna. 

During the lunch recess, students take turns to go to English rooms to play board games and chat with Miss Jess and Miss Janna. They are enthusiastic about collecting as many stickers as they can in order to get a prize.

We will continue all these meaningful and fruitful English learning activities in the coming months.

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